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5 Best Day Jobs For Writers (That Inspire Creativity)

If you're pursuing a writing career, finding the right day job can be a game-changer.

It's not just about making ends meet; the best day jobs for writers can also inspire creativity and boost your writing skills.

Before I was an author and full-time writer, I had worked many different day jobs including travel writer, public relations, ESL instructor, marketing director, business owner, publishing rights assistant, as well as side jobs (to earn extra money!) in the food service industry. For the most part, I enjoyed working and was usually doing a few writing gigs on the side in my spare time as well as writing for free.

(Side note: if all that sounds exhausting, check out this post about how to balance a day job with writing.) I may not have been aware of it at the time, but all this personal experience helped with my communication skills and introduced me to the right people. While today's working world is a completely different landscape, thanks to social media and remote working, there are more opportunities than ever before to pursue your passion for creative writing. Let's explore five writing jobs, along with their pros and cons.

1. Freelance Writer/Content Creator

  • Pros: This job allows you to harness your writing skills while offering flexibility in your schedule. You can choose your projects and clients, giving you the freedom to nurture your own writing on the side. Working on various topics and formats can spark creative energy whether that's blog posts, articles, ghost-writing or sales material.

  • Cons: Freelancing can be unpredictable, and income may fluctuate. The need to meet deadlines for multiple clients might drain some of your creative energy and the demand to find new work can be stressful at times.

2. Technical Writer

  • Pros: Technical writers translate complex information into digestible content. This role sharpens your writing skills and forces you to think critically. It also offers stability with full-time positions at tech companies or as a freelancer.

  • Cons: With technical writing, the subject matter can be dry, which might hinder your own writing inspiration. However, the clarity and precision you gain can benefit your creative writing.

3. Social Media Manager

  • Pros: Managing social media accounts requires concise and engaging content creation and will also help develop your skill as a content writer - a skill highly in demand in today's world. Crafting tweets or Facebook posts can be an exercise in brevity and creativity. Plus, the role often allows for remote work and flexible hours.

  • Cons: Constantly being plugged into social media can be overwhelming. It might eat into your free time or drain creative energy. Balancing your own writing with the demands of the job can be challenging.

4. Editorial Assistant at a Publishing House

  • Pros: This job provides an insider's view of the publishing world and exposes you to various writing styles. You'll interact with authors and manuscripts, which can be inspiring. It's a great day job if you have aspirations of publishing your own work.

  • Cons: Entry-level positions may not pay as well, and you might spend a lot of time doing administrative work. However, the connections and insights you gain are invaluable. Also, as a full time office job, you're unlikely to have the flexibility to create your own hours.

5. Coffee Shop Barista

  • Pros: Working in a coffee shop offers a change of scenery and a relaxed atmosphere. Plus, you hear the most interesting conversations that can inspire your creative mind! You also have more control over your own hours.

  • Cons: It may not be a full-time job, and the pay might not be substantial. Balancing your own writing with a job that ends at the end of the day can be challenging.

Ultimately, the best job for a writer is one that allows you to pay the bills while still leaving ample time and creative energy for your own writing. Each of these options has its unique advantages and drawbacks, but the right fit depends on your personal preferences and career goals. Remember, many famous writers have held various day jobs throughout their careers, and these experiences often enrich their own writing. Embrace the love of the written word and use your day job to fuel your passion for creative writing. Over time, you may even find that your day job becomes a source of inspiration for your first novel or your own writing endeavors.

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I'm Karen, a best-selling novelist who left her corporate life to pursue my dream of becoming a writer. Since then, I've written everything from travel articles to web copy before winning a novel writing competition which led to a 3-book deal. 


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