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Brand Partnerships

I have worked with numerous global brands such as Borders Bookstore, Costa Coffee, and Montegrappa Pens to help achieve their business goals. Whether you're looking to promote your brand on my social media account or drive awareness of your location, products, and services through author events,  I can help. Check out a few examples below. 



In partnership with What's On magazine and Festival Plaza mall, I supported a new book club to  drive awareness of the mall brand and its offerings.

Karen's Bookshelf Borders.png


2018 - 2020

In partnership with Borders Middle East, I hosted an online show all about books. Each week, I featured book recommendations, author interviews, a book club, and general book news to help drive awareness of the brand and its products.



Costa engaged me to to help drive awareness of their sponsorship of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. During a two-month period, I taught several groups of customers at various Costa locations about novel writing.

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