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I'm Karen Osman, an award-winning novelist, writing coach, creator of the newsletter, A Writer Abroad. I'm also a long-term expat (currently living in New York), traveller (when not in a pandemic), and mother, raising two boys. 

I have been writing since graduation as a journalist and content writer but it was only when I won the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature Novel Writing Prize and went on to secure a 3-book deal with UK publisher, Head of Zeus, that I stared writing fiction. 

I wrote The Good Mother while pregnant and looking after a toddler and this experience inspired my debut novel. Motherhood is also a theme in my second book The Home and my third book, The Perfect Lie.

Even though I was an experienced writer, I found it very challenging writing my first novel and I set up my writing courses to help aspiring authors achieve their dream of seeing their name in bookshops and libraries around the world. 

Thank you for being here and I do hope you find the content useful whether you're a reader or a writer! If you love books, don't forget to sign up for my free newsletter, A Writer Abroad where I write about creating a successful writing career, living abroad, literature, and balancing family life. 

I love hearing from readers as well as those looking to write their own books so please do stay in touch

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Write the best opening chapter for your book

If you are…

  • An aspiring author 

  • A creative entrepreneur trying to balance family life

  • An avid reader

  • Or simply curious about life overseas

…this is for you!

I write about creating a successful writing career, living abroad, literature, and balancing family life to help and inspire you to: 


  • Write your book

  • Develop your writing career at home or overseas 

  • Explore the world

And, ultimately, live as a successful creative entrepreneur while balancing daily responsibilities such as day jobs and parenting.

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