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Angela was just a baby when her mum left her for the last time, and a children's home is no place to grow up. The home's manager Ray takes the girls off to his 'den' in the garden and the littlies come back crying, and Ray's wife Kath has special wooden spoons which she saves for beating any of the children who dare to misbehave.

So, when wealthy couple James and Rosemary come to choose a child to adopt, Angela is desperate to escape. But the scars of her childhood remain, and when Angela's search for her birth mother Evelyn is successful, their reunion is no fairy tale. Soon strange and sinister events start to unfold, and Evelyn fears she may not survive her daughter's return...

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Published by Aria Fiction on 4 September 2018. 


"Disturbing and very emotional . The characters were well described and several twists in this well written story."

Janet P


"I was in a bit of a book slump and having so many to choose from, nothing was jumping out at me but I thought I would give The Home a go and I’m so glad I did! It’s gritty without being overly violent and the diary entries grow as Angela grows and make it very intriguing but the last few chapters are perfect!"

Dawn M


"My first thought upon finishing this book was WOW! This definitely had it's share of twists & turns. I thought I had it figured out, then it dawned on me. Definitely worth reading."

Ann W


"Fantastic novel. Kept me engrossed from start to finish. I’ve never encountered Karen’s work before but will definitely look out for it again. A real page turner."

Lucy F


"Set in the 80s with diary entries to the late 60s, this followed Angela and the reconnection with her birth mother. Angela was adopted by James and Rosemary and while James has encouraged Angela to trace her birth mother, Rosemary has doubts. There were a good amount of twists. Some of them were great and came out of nowhere completely taking me by surprise. They changed my perception of the characters. It was dark and unsettling. Definitely worth reading. I want to read more from this author."

Angela S


"Woah, this book had me gripped from beginning to end. I liked the way different chapters gave a different characters thoughts and their story so you really felt you got to know them. There is a very clever twist that I didn't see coming at all. If you want a fast past book with gritty characters and a chilling twist at the end then this is the book for you. I'd like a sequel as I feel there could more to come for the main character Angela."

Alison B


“It is intense, emotional, and exciting. The characters are strong and interesting. The storyline is phenomenal. I strongly recommend this book.”

Doris V


“LOVED this book!! I could not put it down from the first page to the last.”

Tara J


“A fantastic read I was drawn in from the first page. Well done to the author! ”

Michelle P


“This book was unputdownable! Excellent read from the first chapter and I never saw what was coming. Really made me think at the end of the book. I give this book five stars.”

Debra M


"Creepy, shocking, twists and turns a plenty. Good subject matter and edge-of-your-seat story telling. This is a must read."

Tracy C


“This book had me guessing from the beginning. The charred remains of a young woman has been found under a bonfire, possibly been there for weeks with only a charm on a bracelet as a clue to who she is. The story then goes back and forth between the present day and the 1980s. Angela was adopted and is encouraged to meet her birth mother after her adopted father is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. There are three narrators, current Angela, her teenage diary documenting her time in the Children’s Home, and Rosemary her adoptive mother. The novel kept me guessing until the end, when some things which didn’t add up during the novel fell into place. Am hoping for a sequel as would love to find out what becomes of Angela…”

Fiona Y


"Captivating, suspenseful, entertaining novel! This beautiful thriller kept me on the edge of my seat while I was reading it! Would highly recommend to those who enjoy this genre."



"This book blew my mind. I simply loved it!! This is a must read for drama/ thriller lovers. I highly recommend it!!"

Steven D


"This book was one of the most emotional books I have read in a long time. My heart absolutely breaks for Angela. I can see how people will love this book! The author made everything so vivid and it's like I felt everything this child and these girls were going through!"

Rebecca D


"The Home was an interesting read with plenty of drama, twists and turns and how the past can come back to haunt you. The story had great flow and there was never any let down in the pacing. I was thoroughly entertained with a twist I honestly didn’t see coming. Another triumph for Karen Osman."

Shannon C


"Wow. What a read!! This book, from the description, promised so much. And it certainly delivers. The storyline was well thought out and fast paced with twists and turns that will keep you guessing until you reach the final, stunning twist that is near impossible to predict. I did not see it coming. I stayed up all night to read this book as it was impossible to put it down. Would have no hesitation in recommending this novel for fans of a spine tingling thriller."

Sue B

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