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30 Days of Writing Prompts

Almost half way through the year!

Around this time, I usually review the first half of the year to see which of my New Year resolutions have slipped through the net and discovered that my goal of completing a writing prompt every day for 30 days had yet to be achieved.

I have done this exercise for the last few years and have always learnt something. In addition, there are so many benefits to completing writing prompts; they improve your writing, inspire creativity, boost your memory, and relieve stress, yet have I done them?


As I have been planning to do this since January, I thought I would start today and I'd love you to join me in this challenge.

I have curated 30 writing prompts for 30 days. All you need to do is:

  1. Download (and ideally print out) the writing prompts from the link below

  2. Spend ten minutes a day on each one

  3. Tick them off as you go!

And that's it!

Feel free to share your results and tag me on Instagram @karenosmanauthor and use the hashtag #writingpromptchallenge2021

I’d love to see them!

30 Days of Writing Prompts Sheet
Download PDF • 105KB

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