A comprehensive programme to help you plan, write, edit and publish your book.

Kickstart your book with karen

is right for you if you are: 


  • A journalist or copywriter looking to take your writing to the next level with a manuscript.

  • An entrepreneur looking to add value to your business by being published.

  • A student (14 years old +) looking to start their author career.

  • Someone who has a story to tell, isn't afraid of hard work, and knows there is no 'right time' to get started.


I've had my book idea for a while but as I explored it in more detail, Karen has really helped me bring life to the pages and to see the magic of the story unfold. I can finally begin to see clearly the adventure, the love, the humour, and the tragedy all find their rightful place in the story. 

Eithne Treanor 

By the end of this programme,
you will have:

Nailed down your

book premise instead of letting another year go by thinking about it 

Developed and understood the motivations of your

main characters

Mapped out your story arc and tested

whether your narrative works

Learnt and practised the best writing techniques for today's reader

Written a synopsis or book proposal to pitch to agents and/or publishers

Identified your beta readers and learnt the different types of editing 

Learnt how dialogue brings your characters to life for a richer reading experience

Learnt about plot, pace, and keeping the reader engaged.

But most importantly, started writing your book with confidence and action plan to achieve your deadline.

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