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Karen Osman is a best-selling psychological thriller novelist , writing coach and creator of the newsletter, A Writer Abroad.  She's also a long-term expat (currently in New York) and mum to two boys.


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Award-winning debut

The Good Mother Book Cover

How far would you go to protect your children?​ 


"An addictive read that had me gripped from the first page to the shocking conclusion at the end, wow!" 

Adele O'Neill, author of Brothers & Sisters.

No 1 Bestseller

The Home Book Cover

It was the one place she should have been safe. 

"My first thought upon finishing was WOW! This definitely had it's share of twists & turns. I thought I had it figured out, then it dawned on me. Definitely worth reading."

Ann W

the latest thriller

The Perfect Lie Book Cover.jpg

Hunted from afar to destroy her perfect life.

"Thank you for the preview! This blew my mind - a real page turner! I read it in five hours straight! An incredible story and one I won't be able to forget for a while."

Sandy W 

If you are…

  • An aspiring author 

  • A creative entrepreneur trying to balance family life

  • An avid reader

  • Or simply curious about life overseas

…this is for you!

I write about creating a successful writing career, living abroad, literature, and balancing family life to help and inspire you to: 


  • Write your book

  • Develop your writing career at home or overseas 

  • Explore the world

And, ultimately, live as a successful creative entrepreneur while balancing daily responsibilities such as day jobs and parenting.

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