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8 Writing Retreats That Could Change Your Life

It’s not easy to find the time (or headspace) to write a book, especially at this time of year when we’re all just ready for a holiday. We’re constantly flooded with information from the internet and if you add in work pressure and/or family responsibilities, there’s little energy left for creativity.

The solution? A writing retreat.

Imagine having the luxury of time to start writing your book in a setting specifically chosen to inspire, whether that’s a remote island or the middle of a forest. Whatever your vibe, retreats can offer a relaxing and calm environment with fewer distractions, allowing more space for creativity. It’s also an opportunity to learn more about the craft, explore a new country, meet other like-minded people, and expand your writing community.

With the summer holidays almost upon us, I'm playing travel agent and have scoured the web to share 8 writing retreats in the most incredible destinations. So, if you haven’t booked your holiday yet (or even if you have!) check out some of these writers’ retreats taking place in 2022 and 2023.

This six-day writing retreat in Tbilisi, Georgia is designed to feed your soul, renew your creativity, and give you a sense of support and community. You'll get invaluable advice from world-renowned authors from shaping your story to getting your work published. Suitable for all levels of writers.

When: upon request

Cost: $1,695

Offering you the time to read, write, reflect and relax, you will be immersed in a supportive environment of like-minded people. Writing tutors will deliver writing workshops and individual one-on-one sessions to help you harness your personal story, your family story, and your particular look at life.

When: Upon request

Cost: From $1,100

The ideal place to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, the skilled retreat facilitators provide protected time and space to achieve and exceed your writing goals.

When: 17 - 21 September, 2022

Cost: From $875

This retreat is for participants at any level of writing experience, open to a maximum of ten guests to guarantee individual attention. Workshops and discussions on key elements of writing, such as characterisation, plot, point of view, sense of place and dialogue make up the itinerary with the final session offering a practical approach to various stages of editing.

When: 9 - 15 October, 2022

Cost: US$ 1,540

Designed for established and aspiring writers, you'll be a part of a group staying in a farmhouse surrounded by rolling hills, vineyards and olive groves in a region that has inspired artists and writers throughout the ages.

When: 11 - 17 September, 2022

Cost: From $2,200

If you have a writing project you want to finish or you’re a new writer looking for direction on how to start, this retreat is for you. You will receive help developing your ideas, outlining or editing and get a boost to your creativity, writing process and wellbeing.

When: 16 - 19 September, 2022

Cost: From $1,120

This retreat offers a series of workshops and panels led by an esteemed team of international writers. Between intimate workshops and lectures, you’ll tour the spectacular Golden Circle, sit in the cozy cafes of Reykjavik, soak in geothermal hot springs, listen to new Icelandic music, meet contemporary Icelandic writers, and learn about the country’s rich literary tradition.

When: 23 - 26 April, 2023

Cost: From $1,783

A luxurious week-long writing retreat in the Danish countryside, mentored by accomplished writers Anja Klemp Vilgaard and Shawna Kenney. Ideal for those either trying to start or finish a book.

When: 7 - 13 August, 2022

Cost: $2,700


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I'm Karen, a best-selling novelist who left her corporate life to pursue my dream of becoming a writer. Since then, I've written everything from travel articles to web copy before winning a novel writing competition which led to a 3-book deal. 


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