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Book Recommendations from Award-winning Authors

I'm often quizzed about my favourite books so who better to suggest some fabulous ones for the upcoming holidays than award-winning writers? I asked a few of the winners of the Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature Writing Prize to give their recommendations.

Rebekah Heaney, Winner, 2017

The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett "This is a delightful little novella that can be read in one sitting. In it, Queen Elizabeth II one day encounters a mobile library and this sparks off a ferocious love of reading with far-reaching and hilarious results. If you've got a stack of books ready for your holiday this is a brilliant one to start with - fun and short enough to ease you into your summer reading list, while it has some great insights to remind you why being a bookworm is so great."

Annabel Kantaria, Winner, 2013

'Lullaby' by Leila Slimani.

"With a tag line, 'the baby is dead. It took only a few seconds' there's no prize for guessing what happens in this chilling story about the 'perfect' nanny who ends up murdering her innocent charges. Slimani gives a masterclass in building up the tension - mark out a day by the pool and devour this in one horrifying sitting. It's all so horribly... believable." Instagram: @dubaipix Twitter: @BellaKay

Lucy Strange, Runner-up, 2014

A Sky Painted Gold by Laura Wood

"Just finished this - crying happy tears. A dazzling Jazz Age summer on the Cornish coast - and the dark secrets behind the glamour. A gorgeous coming-of-age tale. The writing sparkles with insight, warmth, and wit. Destined to be the romantic YA smash of this summer and beyond."

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Jessica Jarlvi, Runner-up, 2016

Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica

"I would recommend Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica, the author of "The Good Girl". To the horror of her family, Heidi - a wife and mother - offers refuge to homeless teenager Willow and her infant daughter. While Willow’s disturbing past slowly comes to light, Heidi questions if she’s really just doing a good deed, or if she’s helping Willow and her daughter for selfish reasons."

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Karen Osman, Winner, 2016

Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King

"A father son collaboration, this is a beast of a book which will keep you going all through your holiday. As always, the writing is spectacular and the plot intriguing; when women go to sleep, they become shrouded in a cocoon-like gauze and if they are awakened, the women become spectacularly violent. Only one woman seems to be immune to the sleeping disease..."

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