Kick Start Your Book With Karen 

1. Will this course work for non-fiction books as well?

Yes, this course is suitable for writers looking to write fiction or non-fiction.


2. Will this course help me write a children’s book?

There may be elements of the course that would help but in order to get as much value as possible, I would suggest an alternative course.


3. Will this course work if I don’t have an idea for a book?

Yes, it will – there is a tutorial dedicated to developing an idea for a book.


4. Is the course live or pre-recorded?

It's a mix. There are over 30 hours of video tutorials which are pre-recorded. Every week, there is also a Q & A session which is live.


5. Will this course help me get published?

The focus of this course is to help you write your book. However, there is a tutorial about publishing options in order to help you decide which route and market is the best for you.

6. I have joined the course - how can I access the membership area and course material? 

There is a private area for members. In order to join, click the log in button on the top left corner of the site. For full sign up instructions, click here

7. Where can I access the Kick Start Your Book Facebook Community Page? 

You can join here. Currently, you do not need to be a member to be part of the community.