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As the end of the year approaches, the most organised amongst us will already be planning for 2023. Whether you’re goal setting or thinking about new year’s resolutions, January can be an ideal time to recommit to finish writing your book.

But why wait?

There are a few things you can do now to help set you up for success next year. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Prepare your environment (external and internal!)

Take a look at your writing space. (And if you don’t have one, then learn more about creating one here.) Is it clean and tidy or covered in papers, toys, and generally a bit of a dumping ground? You are a reflection of your surroundings so ensure that you have a space that’s set up for your needs. It doesn’t have to be large, even just a corner of your home will do. The same goes for your internal environment. What are you telling yourself about writing a book? If you’re telling yourself it’s too hard, or I don’t have the time, then it’s going to be a struggle. But if you tell yourself, I can do this, or I’m excited about being creative , or I’m so lucky I have the opportunity and the skill to write, then you will find it much easier and more enjoyable.

2. Find a writing partner or group

One of the biggest challenges for new writers is working in isolation – i.e., not having anyone to bounce ideas off. A writing partner or group can help in multiple ways by adding a fun social element, being able to discuss and share your work, and having someone hold you accountable. By doing the research now, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running in January. Social media can also be a great way to find online writing groups where you can connect with other aspiring authors to share ideas or ask for feedback. Feel free to join my Facebook group for writers and readers where you can connect with both aspiring and published authors.

3. Sign up for a writing course

There are lots of writing courses out there including my own course Kick Start Your Book With Karen – an 8-week online course that takes you through the steps of writing a book. I’ve broken it down into easy-to-digest modules to help take away the overwhelm. To learn more, click here to watch a sneak preview where I share tips to help you write your opening chapter.

4. Share your goal and start date

According to Jack Canfield, your chance of achieving your goals is greatly increased when you share it with others because you gain clarity and accountability. For some writers, announcing their writing goal to their followers and friends on social media is one way to get the words down on paper. I know writers who also share their progress on social media. If public declarations aren’t really your thing, share with family so they can give you encouragement (and space!); you may also want to write down your writing goals and keep a record of what you achieve each session.

5. Plan your rewards

I often talk about the power of rewards when it comes to writing. I started using them when I realized I was constantly switching between tasks. I would open up my manuscript, write or edit a paragraph, then I would check my email, clear my inbox, research something, get up for a drink of water and so on. I decided to set a timer for 90 minutes to work on my book and I wasn’t allowed to move from my chair or open up any other applications on my laptop. Only once the alarm went off was I allowed to reward myself to get up for a coffee. During particularly busy periods, I would use bigger rewards to get me through the week. For example, if I write 5000 words this week, I can relax in the nail salon on the weekend. I would book the nail appointment and look forward to it. Rewards don’t suit everyone, but they’re definitely worth trying.

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