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5 Writing Communities You Should Join & Why

Writing a book can be an incredibly isolating pursuit, especially if it's your first. You might wonder if your work is good enough, what you should do when you finish the book, how to publish, and marketing options.

Whether it’s online or in person, a writing group can offer encouragement and advice, feedback on your manuscript, and additional resources. In short, they're a valuable support system that can make the process more enjoyable, save you time, and keep you motivated. I always recommend aspiring authors to join one so here are my top five writing community suggestions.

Designed for both writers and readers, this Facebook group is friendly and welcoming. You can give and receive help and encouragement in the art of writing, marketing, and design as well share and chat about your favourite reads. There are a couple of promotional days each month as well as lots of posts to prompt interesting discussions.

Best for: Writers who love reading

Mibba is a creative writing community filled with resources for aspiring authors to connect with other writers around the world. It features a variety of fiction and non-fiction stories, expository articles, poetry, blogging and social forums. You can create your own author profile and share your work for feedback. It also has lots of articles and writing resources.

Best for: Young writers

If you’re based in Dubai and looking for a physical writing group (currently holding sessions via Zoom due to Covid), Dubai Writers’ Group would be a good place to start. It is a collection of UAE-based writers and artists who meet on Saturdays to discuss ideas and challenges.

Best for: UAE-based writers

Set up in 2003, Critique Circle is one of the longest-running writing websites. It offers a writing community based on reciprocity where you critique the stories of others and they will do the same for you. There are also active forums and articles and as an added bonus, it's completely free.

Best for: Writers looking for beta readers

A new online writing group set up by yours truly giving members more writing tips, techniques, and hacks to help you get your book written. Offering writing prompts, articles, conversation starters, and blogs, it’s a great place to connect with other aspiring authors.

Best for: first-time authors

These groups are just the tip of the iceberg and there are many other writing groups with a different focus.

What writers’ group do you belong to?



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